The " Haute Couture" of skin care


Here we have to your right Ms. Mia Coudert along side her daughter to the left Laetitia Moureau. These are the two proud owners of carita spa & studio. Ms. Mia Coudert, born in france was already familair with the brand carita & decided to move to the island of sint maarten, where she



We know them as the ‘CARITA sisters”.

There was Maria, the blonde artist, and Rosy, the brunette businesswoman. Two entirely different temperaments but one single desire: revealing each woman’s beauty. Cosmetic products, beauty treatments, they reinvented everything in a unique spirit based on the basic principles of elegance and ultra-efficacy.


The adventure began back in 1945.

Classicism and avant-garde, pleasure and effectiveness, scientific research and expertise of beauty professionals: the brand was built not on duality but on complementarity. Long before it was being talked about, CARITA created Total Beauty, with the same deep certainty that beauty is a whole and that only a tailor-made approach can reveal all of its subtlety and uniqueness.


A story must be rooted in a location

A haven of luxury and refinement, the CARITA Maison de Beauté could be nowhere else but on the superb Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré in Paris. The sisters first took up residence at number 83, before moving to number 5 and finally number 11, where they chose to set for their story and invent themselves. Today, it is this unique place, brimming with elegance and Parisian style, which perpetuates their story and which has, year after year, enriched the expertise and know-how of Artisans of beauty and where the combined effects of high-performance products and treatments reveal the unique beauty of each woman.


CARITA products encapsulate this entire art in a concentrated form, prolonging the benefits of this magical setting at home.


The brand upholds strong and resolutely modern values which convey beauty and Parisian glamour all over the world.

PREMIUM… our products and services, where our Artisans pay extremely close attention to every detail, every moment, because luxury cannot tolerate negligence and it is these tiny details that make all the difference.



...thanks to the combined expertise of our Artisans and our research laboratories who, hand in hand, have spent nearly 70 years working to offer women increasingly effective and innovative products and services.



...across all of our products and services, all designed to provide a tailored response to every need and reveal each woman’s unique beauty.


Inspired by the simple principle that beauty results from adequate and regular movements, CARITA’s beauty philosophy is expressed in a unique 4-step method, designed to provide a targeted response to all face, body and hair needs.


Step 1 - PREPARE Cleanse deeply and prepare the skin and hair to receive complementary beauty treatments. A key step, this preparation is the secret to a radiant complexion.


Step 2 - ACTIVATE Correct skin and hair imbalances and rejuvenate their beauty capital.


Step 3 - REVEAL Restore the radiance, softness and youth of skin and hair, whilst also protecting them from external aggressions.


Step 4 - BEAUTIFY Add the final touches to a perfect beauty enhancement: magnify the texture of the skin and hair for an unforgettable look.


There is a strong viewpoint behind all CARITA products: opting for what is rare.

Knowhow, exceptional quality and technical excellence are the corner stones on which every single brand product is designed, created and tested. Precious ingredients, magical textures, subtle scents, innovative formulae, visible results...


These exceptional treatments draw on the ongoing technological progress made by our research laboratories and combine performance with an exaltation of the senses.


Thanks to a respect for these formulation requirements and the expertise of our Artisans of beauty, CARITA products are designed to maintain beauty over time, correct imperfections and enhance each woman’s own touch of charm to reveal its entire beauty.