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Tel Spa: +1 (721) 544 2142

Spa      : +1 (721) 527 2969

Site :                      Carita Day Spa St.Maarten


Please cancel / reschedule 24 hours prior your appointment or at your soonest ability.

We often have clients on waiting list... If you know you won't be able to make it, contact us to let us know, so we can make everyone happy.

DEPOSIT / Non-refundable

(For services that are blocked for 2 hours & more)

A Payment of $100  must be made 4 days prior to confirm your initial appointment as we block a big part of the day and would be a loss for us if you can't make it.

(I 'm sure you will! )    

SERVICE / Non-refundable

All services proposed by Carita Day Spa & Studio are non-refundable

Thank you for your Trust !

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